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Murray McEniry is a senior lawyer with senior experience.

He will be happy to assist you with wills, powers of attorney and estate issues of every nature and kind. You will find that Murray provides real solutions and directions for almost every legal issue, drawing on his 50 years active experience practicing law.

Given the unique and personal nature of wills, trusts, powers of attorney and estate administration, Murray enjoys the personal connections he makes with clients and assisting them with planning for their future. Murray is extremely results oriented and has developed great insight into how families should settle their financial matters through will and estate planning. 

Murray takes time to fully understand his clients’ goals by actively listening to their needs and objectives. Our knowing your unique circumstances is essential in your making your best choices.

Today, Murray focuses entirely on advising executors and attorneys, administering estates after death, drawing wills both simple and complex, as well as problem solving for all legal difficulties. His many past years in the Superior Courts where he enforced his clients’ rights in those same areas gives him the best experience to resolve your needs today. 

It is sometimes said that it is hard to know if an estate lawyer made a mistake drawing a will. Naturally, a client who had died cannot complain. Practicing estate litigation where wills are evaluated and put under the microscope regularly was an excellent experience to help our clients when drawing wills, powers of attorney and solving other problems for our clients.

The same experience often has a positive role in bringing solutions to families who might otherwise be torn apart due to a mistake or misunderstanding.


Murray can steer a correct path for all persons needing help.
We are successful. Our clients know it and feel better for it.

Solutions in the practice of law come faster, easier, and more often when we respect human nature and have effective communication. We strive for the best communication skills including good listening as an important part of practicing law.


Murray has been living in Burlington Ontario and the surrounding area all his life. 

Murray lived and acquired his primary and high school education in and around Hamilton Ontario. In 1967 he graduated from McMaster University at Hamilton, spent a year in Europe, studied at the University of British Columbia, obtained his law degree from Dalhousie University in 1971 and in 1972-73 graduated from the formidable Bar Admission Course at Osgood Hall, Queen Street,  Toronto.. 

In 1973 Murray was called to the bar in Ontario and has been continuously practicing law ever since in the Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and the Niagara areas. 


Estate planning is a broad term relating to preservation of your assets and provides for your loved ones in the inevitable transfer of your property on death. When we prepare your documents with a view to these goals, we take the time necessary to learn your goals. Your will can and should stipulate who will function as executor, who will act as trustee to minor beneficiaries, how taxes and expenses of the estate are paid, and who receives special or general bequests as beneficiaries. Only with a proper will can you have peace of mind and confidence that your wishes will truly be carried out.


It is an unfortunate fact of life that a poorly drawn will can tear a family apart due to a mistake or misunderstanding. Your last will and testament controls what will happen to your property and who will manage it after you die. An experienced lawyer is the best way to be confident your needs will be met in an increasingly complex world. 


POWERS OF ATTORNEY (both for your property and your personal care) 
A Power of attorney is used to grant power to a person that you choose to make decisions regarding financial affairs, healthcare, housing, and personal matters on another’s behalf while that person is still alive but unable to act for themselves.


If a person has died and named you in their will as their executor, you must perform certain duties to ensure the proper administration of the estate. This means calling in all of the assets of the deceased, paying any outstanding debts of the deceased and distributing the balance of the estate to the beneficiaries named in the will or if no will, to the  deceased’s heirs under the laws of intestacy. 


If you have a dispute over a will, power of attorney or concerns about elder abuse, we can assess your claim and ensure you are on the correct path. Murray draws on 50 years of practice including the past 25 years exclusively over bringing or defending estate disputes in court.


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